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Personal statement

Today, computers can offer us infinity of possibilities, this ultimate technology allows us to create and innovate without any limitation. I have naturally chosen computer science as my studies and I have now developed skills in software analysis and development because of my various projects and internships. My career objective is to bring my skills and creativity to a company.

Employment and work experience

Mobile Development Engineer October, 2014 - Today
Openium | France

My role at Openium is to develop applications on Android and iOS operating systems. I am mainly working on a push platform called Platinium using PHP and Symfony 2 framework. I also work on software quality and continuous integration to improve the deployment process of the company.

Key-words : Android, iOS, Mobility, Continuous Integration, Symfony

Solution Package Integrator September, 2013 to September, 2014
Michelin | France

In block release training at ISIMA and I was a SPI team member of the Supply Chain group platform at Michelin .

I was working on Hudson jobs automation and I developed and implemented a generic process to deploy applications in the supply chain.

Application deployment was managed by Jenkins, a continuous integration solution, which automates most of the process. However, the accumulation of applications and the difficulty to remove obsolete ones drives us to duplicate Jenkins tasks for each new version of an application and for each environment on which it is deployed. This duplication makes the jobs difficult to maintain and is a hard work for the set up of a new version of an application. We defined new generic processes and implemented new Jenkins tasks to reduce the complexity of deployments. Finally, we informed the involved teams of this new deployment solution and demonstrated its benefits.

Key-words : Hudson, Jenkins, SPI, Supply Chain, Generic process, Continuous Integration

Analyst developer for fire safety engineers June, 2013 to April, 2013
Commissariat à l’énergie atomique (CEA) | France

There is many regulatory aspect related to fires in the Basic Nuclear Installations (BNI). It requests from the french nuclear operators (ANDRA, AREVA, CEA, EDF) to prove that their installations comply with the legislation, so the CEA developed a numerical simulation software to simulate fire in a nuclear experimental plant.

My job was to design and develop an alternative to Excel to manipulate the results from the numerical simulation software of the CEA. The software was realized unsing C++ and the Qt framework.

Key-words : fire safety, C++, Qt, Curve Plotter

Webmaster June, 2012 to April, 2013
Simply Pub | France

Developer for the Simply Pub company, my main job was to develop websites in PHP and JavaScript for various companies but I also had to develop a complete application for the management of a kayaking company.

Key-words : C++, Qt, PHP, JavaScript, communication

Analyst programmer January, 2012 to June, 2012
Blaise Pascal University | France

Development of various applications :

  • Development of an autonomous process to analyze micro-hole’s junctions on multiple pictures or even videos in order to be able to make statistics. Software made with Qt (C++) and OpenCV.
  • Development of a serial port communication software for a multimeter device with the Windows API.
  • Use of Octave to develop some computer vision algorithms (sub-imaging, Sobel, Canny) for MATLAB.
  • Development of a complete and flexible placements manager made with C++ / Qt. Software thought by Mr. Frédéric Chausse.

Key-words : C++, Qt, autonomy, Octave

iOS developer April, 2011 to August, 2011
Robert Gordon University | Scotland

Industrial placement during 12 weeks in a Scottish University (with report, viva voce). Design and development of an iPad application, helping user to manage its bank accounts easily and anywhere he could be. Synchronization of the iPad on a website to make the account management flexible. Use of UML to design the application and databases before development.

Key-words : Objective-C, autonomy, iOS, XCode, PHP, UML

Project History

Here is a list of my main projects but you also can take a look at all my projects on the article page.

Files Drag & Drop Personal project
ISIMA | France

Files Drag & Drop is a software that will let you easily transfer files from a computer to another one, and from a computer to an Android device. This is an Open Source and intuitive transfer solution by drag & drop. The software include devices automatic detection over the Wi-Fi network.
We distributed the Android application on the Play Store and have currently more than 3000 users.

For more informations, look at the project link.

Key-words : transfer, drag & drop, Wi-Fi, user experience

Tracking algorithm for an autonomous robot 20 hours
ISIMA | France

Set up of an application with 3 people in order to pilot a robot using manual control (Qt graphical user interface) or autopilot by camera. The goal of the project was to make the entire robot based on a Raspberry PI and make it follow people. Initialization of tracking algorithm as Meanshift with a color filtered image to track a red item.

Use of project management software and version control tools.

For more informations, look at the project link.

Key-words : teamwork, robot, OpenCV, C++, Raspberry PI, Redmine

Nano-holes analyzer60 hours
Institut Universitaire de Technologie en Informatique | France

Development of a nano-holes analyzer software, using Qt and OpenCV. The goal of this project was to detect holes on a picture to automating the work of the physicists. The software can provide statistics to determine the nature of the materials used.

For more informations, look at the project link.

Key-words : teamwork, OpenCV, C++


Engineering school in Computer Science2011 - 2014
Institut Supérieur d’Informatique de Modélisation et de leurs Applications
Graduating in September 2014
Diploma equivalent to a Master’s Degree in engineering
Modules : Software engineering, Computer languages, Mathematics, Electronics, Simulation

DUT - Computer science2009 - 2011
Two years higher diploma course in technology, option programming and analyzing
Modules : Embedded computer, Algorithms, Computer languages, Management

Baccalaureat Scientifique2006 - 2009
French Baccalaureate equivalent to A levels specializing in mathematics.
Modules : Mathematics, Engineering sciences

Key skills

Developer skills

C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Shell (bash), Groovy, Grails, Java EE, Qt, OpenCV, C# .NET, HTML, CSS, PHP, Symfony 2, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, LaTeX.

Methodology & languages

Merise, objects analisys, UML, design pattern, continuous integration (Jenkins / Hudson).

  • French : native speaker
  • English : fluent (3 month internship, Aberdeen, Scotland) - TOEIC 900
  • Spanish : basic

Personal interests

I practice badminton since 7 years with friends and in competitions. I also like models building (cars, helicopters) and spend a part of my free time building models. Passionate of travels, I discovered many countries in Europe, and I wish to continue to discover new cultures. Mainly interested in my studies and career, I stay up to date on new technologies and computer science.


My references are available on requests.