Drive.jsf is a Google Drive like developed in JSF using PrimeFaces components.


Our cloud solution includes :

  • Google OAuth authentication to access the application
  • Documents management page
    • Navigation tree (using double click)
    • Delete a file/folder
    • Download a file or a folder (as a zip)
    • Share a document
    • Upload a file / Create a new folder
    • Find your documents
  • Sharing management page
    • See documents you shared
    • See documents shared to you
  • Contextual menus

For that project, we used a smart database structure that store decoupled data. This method allows us unlimited duplication of files at low cost. A file has a logical connection to a given data. To know if a file data already exists, we use the MD5 checksum.


Drive.jsf is Open Source and can be found on GitHub there. This is an engineering school project (ISIMA), we had time restrictions and so it is a quick & dirty implementation. This project aims to practice and get started with JSF & PrimeFaces.

We were 2 working on this software